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6 Surprising Milk Home Remedies

6 Surprising Milk Home Remedies

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[서울=RNX뉴스] 박은경 기자 = Did you know that milk can be used as a remedy for these 6 situations?

1. Post-workout - Chocolate milk is a great post-workout supplement due to the carbohydrates and protein which can replenish glycogen stores.

2. Insomnia - A warm glass of milk before bed contains magnesium and calcium which 
soothe anxiety. 

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3. Spicy foods - Mouth on fire? Milk has casein which binds with the chemicals derived from spicy foods.

4. Sunburn - A cloth soaked in ice cold water and cold milk can ease the pain of sunburns.

5. Sore throat - Frozen dairy products will not increase mucous and can soothe a sore throat.

6. Immunity booster - Mixing turmeric into your milk will give you a huge dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

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