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Sea Ice in Antarctica Experiences Rapid Plunge

Sea Ice in Antarctica Experiences Rapid Plunge

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[서울=RNX뉴스] 박은경 기자 = Sea ice levels in Antarctica have been plummeting at an alarming rate since 2014.

This is a drastic change, as sea ice in Antarctica had been slowly increasing since 1974.

Satellite data shows that the recent decline of ice in Antarctica is equivalent to the amount lost in the Arctic over the past 34 years.

남극 [사진=RNX TV 제공]
남극 [사진=RNX TV 제공]

Scientists are unsure what is causing the decrease, as Antarctica receives little exposure to warming air, which is a result of human-caused global heating.

It may indicate further global heating, though that can only be determined through continued monitoring of whether the ice recovers or continues to decline. 

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