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Facebook to Prohibit Anti-Voting Ads

Facebook to Prohibit Anti-Voting Ads

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[서울=RNX뉴스] 박은경 기자 = Facebook to Prohibit Anti-Voting Ads In 2018, the platform began restricting posts that gave out fake election dates and times, fake locations where to vote and conspiracies that votes will be thrown out.

Their latest protocol involves taking down ads that demoralize people from casting ballots.

According to Reuters, the social media giant's new tactic is still being developed.

COO Sheryl Sandberg [사진=RNX TV 제공]

COO Sheryl Sandberg says the policy will begin this fall, a year before the 2020 Presidential election.

Facebook Public Policy Director Neil Potts says ads will be focused on because they are specifically targeted.

Neil Potts, via Reuters The move comes after U.S. intelligence agencies say Facebook operations by Russia helped influence the 2016 election.

Last October, the platform set up campaigns to fight distorted information before the 2018 Midterms.

Besides the U.S., Facebook is also now countering false election ads in parts of Europe and India.

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