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NASA Will Explore Other Worlds Using Drones

NASA Will Explore Other Worlds Using Drones

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[서울=RNX뉴스] 박지훈 기자 = The space agency announced its plans to explore the Saturn moon Titan using a life-hunting rotorcraft called Dragonfly.

The craft is intended to land on Titan by 2034 and spend years gathering data and photos of the frozen moon.

NASA will also send a helicopter drone to Mars during the 2020 rover mission.

[사진=RNX TV 제공]
[사진=RNX TV 제공]

Håvard Grip, NASA, via Space.com The helicopter scout is a small craft that weighs about 4 lbs and carries no scientific equipment.

The Dragonfly craft is larger, spanning 10 feet, carries a suite of scientific equipment and a $1 billion price tag.

If the crafts perform well, NASA anticipates using such drones extensively in the future.

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