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Angelina Jolie to Partner Up With 'Time' Magazine

Angelina Jolie to Partner Up With 'Time' Magazine

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[서울=RNX뉴스] 박은경 기자 = The Oscar-winning actress is now a contributing editor at the publication.

According to Time, her pieces will be centered on human rights and the global issue of displacement.

It will stem from her association with the UN Refugee Agency, a group she has worked with for nearly 20 years.

안젤리나 졸리[사진=RNX TV 제공]
Angelina Jolie [사진=RNX TV 제공]

Back in 2012, the UN named Jolie a Special Envoy to the organization's High Commissioner for Refugees.

Over her career, she has participated in dozens of field missions worldwide.

The magazine goes on to add that Jolie's contributions will be appear each month. Her first article for Time, "What we owe refugees," will be apart of the July 1 issue.

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